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Title: Factors affecting auditory performance of postlinguistically deaf adults using cochlear implants: An update with 2251 patients
Authors: Blamey, Peter
Artieres, Françoise
Başkent, Deniz
Bergeron, François
Beynon, Andy
Burke, Elaine
Dillier, Norbert
Dowell, Richard
Fraysse, Bernard
Gallégo, Stéphane
Govaerts, Paul
Green, Kevin
Huber, Alexander
Kleine-Punte, Andrea
Maat, Bert
Marx, Mathieu
Mawman, Deborah
Mosnier, Isabelle
O’Connor, Alec
O’Leary, Stephen
Rousset, Alexandra
Schauwers, Karen
Skarzynski, Henryk
Skarzynski, Piotr
Sterkers, Olivier
Terranti, Assia
Truy, Eric
Van de Heyning, Paul
Venail, Fréderic
Vincent, Christophe
Lazard, Diane
Keywords: Cochlear implants
Percentile rank
Hearing loss
General linear model
Learning curve
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Publisher: Karger
Citation: Blamey, P., Artieres, F., Başkent, D., Bergeron, F., Beynon, A., Burke, E., Dillier, N., Dowell, R., Fraysse, B., Gallégo, S., Govaerts, P. J., Green, K., Huber, A. M., Kleine-Punte, A., Maat, B., Marx, M., Mawman, D., Mosnier, I., O'Connor, A. F., O'Leary, S., Rousset, A., Schauwers, K., Skarzynski, H., Skarzynski, P. H., Sterkers, O., Terranti, A., Truy, E., Van de Heyning, P., Venail, F., Vincent, C., & Lazard, D. S. (2013). Factors affecting auditory performance of postlinguistically deaf adults using cochlear implants: An update with 2251 patients. Audiology Neurootology, 18(1), 36-47.
Abstract: Objective: To update a 15-year-old study of 800 postlinguistically deaf adult patients showing how duration of severe to profound hearing loss, age at cochlear implantation (CI), age at onset of severe to profound hearing loss, etiology and CI experience affected CI outcome. Study Design: Retrospective multicenter study. Methods: Data from 2251 adult patients implanted since 2003 in 15 international centers were collected and speech scores in quiet were converted to percentile ranks to remove differences between centers. Results: The negative effect of long duration of severe to profound hearing loss was less important in the new data than in 1996; the effects of age at CI and age at onset of severe to profound hearing loss were delayed until older ages; etiology had a smaller effect, and the effect of CI experience was greater with a steeper learning curve. Patients with longer durations of severe to profound hearing loss were less likely to improve with CI experience than patients with shorter duration of severe to profound hearing loss. Conclusions: The factors that were relevant in 1996 were still relevant in 2011, although their relative importance had changed. Relaxed patient selection criteria, improved clinical management of hearing loss, modifications of surgical practice, and improved devices may explain the differences.
URI: http://repository.bionicsinstitute.org:8080/handle/123456789/32
ISSN: 1420-3030
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