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Title: An Ambulatory Tremor Score for Parkinson’s Disease
Authors: Braybrook, Michelle
O'Connor, Sam
Churchward, Philip
Perera, Thushara
Farzanehfar, Parisa
Horne, Malcolm
Keywords: Tremor
Parkinson disease
Ambulatory monitoring
Tremor dominant Parkinsons
Issue Date: Aug-2016
Publisher: IOS Press
Citation: [1] M. Braybrook, S. O'Connor, P. Churchward, T. Perera, P. Farzanehfar, M. Horne, An Ambulatory Tremor Score for Parkinson's Disease, J Parkinsons Dis, 6 (2016) 723-731.
Abstract: BACKGROUND: While tremor in Parkinson's Disease (PD) can be characterised in the consulting room, its relationship to treatment and fluctuations can be clinically helpful. OBJECTIVE: To develop an ambulatory assessment of tremor of PD. METHODS: Accelerometry data was collected using the Parkinson's KinetiGraph System (PKG, Global Kinetics). An algorithm was developed, which could successfully distinguish been subjects with a resting or postural tremor that involved the wrist whose frequency was greater than 3 Hz. Percent of time that tremor was present (PTT) between 09 : 00 and 18 : 00 was calculated. RESULTS: This algorithm was applied to 85 people with PD who had been assessed clinically for the presence and nature of tremor. The Sensitivity and Selectivity of a PTT >/=0.8% was 92.5% and 92.9% in identifying tremor, providing that the tremor was not a fine kinetic and postural tremor or was not in the upper limb. A PTT >1% provide high likely hood of the presence of clinical meaningful tremor. These cut-offs were retested on a second cohort (n = 87) with a similar outcome. The Sensitivity and Selectivity of the combined group was 88.7% and 89.5% respectively. Using the PTT, 50% of 22 newly diagnosed patients had a PTT >1.0%.The PKG's simultaneous bradykinesia scores was used to find a threshold for the emergence of tremor. Tremor produced artefactual increase in the PKG's dyskinesia score in 1% of this sample. CONCLUSIONS: We propose this as a means of assessing the presence of tremor and its relationship to bradykinesia.
URI: http://repository.bionicsinstitute.org:8080/handle/123456789/226
ISSN: 1877-718X (Electronic) 1877-7171 (Linking)
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