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27-Nov-2007Maturation of auditory brainstem projections and calyces in the congenitally deaf (dn/dn) mouseYoussoufian, Monique; Couchman, Kiri; Shivdasani, Mohit, et al
2-Jan-2014Measurement of forces at the tip of a cochlear implant during insertion.Wade, Scott; Fallon, James; Wise, Andrew, et al
8-Feb-2016Minimally invasive endovascular stent-electrode array for high-fidelity, chronic recordings of cortical neural activityOxley, Thomas; Opie, Nicholas; John, Sam, et al
Nov-2014A model of synaptic-vesicle-pool depletion and replenishment can account for the inter spike-interval distributions and non-renewal properties of spontaneous spike trains of auditory-nerve fibersPeterson, Adam; Irvine, Dexter; Heil, Peter
Aug-2018Modeling experimental recordings of vagal afferent signaling of intestinal inflammation for neuromodulationO'Sullivan-Greene, Elma; Kameneva, Tatiana; Trevaks, David, et al
Nov-2014Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: part 3. Derivation and interpretation of neural tissue equationsMeffin, Hamish; Tahayori, Bahman; Sergeev, Evgeni, et al
Nov-2014Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: part 4. Effect of the cellular composition of neural tissue on its spatio-temporal filtering propertiesTahayori, Bahman; Meffin, Hamish; Sergeev, Evgeni, et al
Oct-2014Mold-Templated Inorganic−Organic Hybrid Supraparticles for Codelivery of DrugsMaina, James; Cui, Jiwei; Bjornmalm, Mattias, et al
May-2016Multisensory attention training for treatment of tinnitusSpiegel, Daniel; Linford, Tania; Thompson, Ben, et al
28-May-2015Multisensory attention training for treatment of tinnitusSpiegel, D.P; Linford, T.; Thompson, B., et al
Jan-2019Multisensory perception and attention in school-age childrenAyla, Barutchu; Toohey, Sarah; Shivdasani, Mohit, et al
Nov-2012Music for the cochlear implant: Audience response to six commissioned compositions.Au, Agnes; Marozeau, Jeremy; Innes-Brown, Hamish, et al
Jul-2012Nanoporous peptide particles for encapsulating and releasing neurotrophic factors in an animal model of neurodegeneration.Tan, Justin; Wang, Yajun; Yip, Xiaopei, et al
Aug-2017Neural Electrodes Based on 3D Organic Electroactive Microfibers.Marroquin, Jason; Coleman, Harold; Tonta, Mary, et al
Jul-2017Neural Responses to Multielectrode Stimulation of Healthy and Degenerate RetinaHalupka, Kerry; Abbott, Carla; Wong, Yan, et al
2009Neural synchrony in ventral cochlear nucleus neuron populations is not mediated by intrinsic processes but is stimulus induced: implications for auditory brainstem implantsShivdasani, Mohit; Mauger, Stefan; Rathbone, Graeme, et al
Jul-2015neuroBi: A Highly Configurable Neurostimulator for a Retinal Prosthesis and Other ApplicationsSlater, Kyle; Sinclair, Nicholas; Nelson, Timothy, et al
Aug-2018Neurophysiological analysis of the clinical pull testTan, Joy; Perera, Thushara; McGinley, Jennifer, et al
Jul-2019Neurotrophin gene augmentation by electrotransfer to improve cochlear implant hearing outcomesPinyon, Jeremy; von Jonquieres, Georg; Crawford, Edward, et al
17-Dec-2012Neurotrophin gene therapy for sustained neural preservation after deafnessAtkinson, Patrick; Wise, Andrew; Flynn, Brianna, et al
Showing results 157 to 176 of 251
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