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Jun-2016Effect of current focusing on the sensitivity of inferior colliculus neurons to amplitude-modulated stimulationGeorge, Shefin; Shivdasani, Mohit; Fallon, James
Aug-2011The effect of deafness duration on neurotrophin gene therapy for spiral ganglion neuron protectionWise, Andrew; Tu, Tian; Atkinson, Patrick, et al
Feb-2016Effect of embedded optical fibres on the mechanical properties of cochlear electrode arraysCarland, Emma; Stoddart, Paul; Cadusch, Peter, et al
3-Jun-2015Effect of input compression and input frequency response on music perception in cochlear implant usersHalliwell, Emily; Jones, Linor; Fraser, Matthew, et al
Jun-2017The effect of presentation level and stimulation rate on speech perception and modulation detection for cochlear implant users.Brochier, Tim; McDermott, Hugh; McKay, Colette
3-Jul-2015Effect of Pulse Rate and Polarity on the Sensitivity of Auditory Brainstem and Cochlear Implant Users to Electrical StimulationCarlyon, Robert; Deeks, John; McKay, Colette
Mar-2018Effect of Pulse Rate on Loudness Discrimination in Cochlear Implant UsersAzadpour, Mahan; McKay, Colette; Svirsky, Mario
Feb-2013The effect of timbre and loudness on melody segregationMarozeau, Jeremy; Innes-Brown, Hamish; Blamey, Peter
15-Dec-2011The effect of visual cues on difficulty ratings for segregation of musical streams in listeners with impaired hearingInnes-Brown, Hamish; Marozeau, Jeremy; Blamey, Peter
Dec-2015Effectiveness of a teleaudiology approach to hearing aid fittingBlamey, P. J; Blamey, J. K.; Saunders, E.
2013Effects of age on the preservation of residual hearing with cochlear implantsWise, Andrew; Irving, Sam; Shepherd, Robert, et al
Mar-2014Effects of chronic cochlear electrical stimulation after an extended period of profound deafness on primary auditory cortex organization in catsFallon, James; Robert, Shepherd; Irvine, Dexter
Sep-2014Effects of deafness and cochlear implant use on temporal response characteristics in cat primary auditory cortex.Fallon, James; Shepherd, Robert; Nayagam, David, et al
Jul-2010Effects of prismatic adaptation on spatial gradients in neglect: a comparison of visual and auditory target detection with central attentional loadEramudugolla, Ranmalee; Boyce, Angela; Irvine, Dexter, et al
May-2017Effects of Stimulus Duration on Event-Related Potentials Recorded From Cochlear-Implant UsersPresacco, Alessandro; Innes-Brown, Hamish; Goupell, Matthew, et al
Aug-2012Electrical stimulation of retinal ganglion cells with diamond and the development of an all diamond retinal prosthesisHadjinicolaou, Alex; Leung, Ronald; Garrett, David, et al
2016Electrical Stimulation Promotes Cardiac Differentiation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem CellsHernandez, Damian; Millard, Rodney; Sivakumaran, Priyadharshini, et al
Jul-2019Electrically conducting diamond films grown on platinum foil for neural stimulationSikder, Kabir; Shivdasani, Mohit; Fallon, James, et al
15-Jan-2015Electrically evoked compound action potentials artefact rejection by independent component analysis: Procedure automationAkhoun, Idrick; McKay, Colette; El-deredy, Wael
2014Electro-acoustic stimulation: now and into the futureIrving, Samuel; Gillespie, Lisa; Richardson, Rachael, et al
Showing results 79 to 98 of 290
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