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May-2109New molecular therapies for the treatment of hearing lossYutian, Ma; Wise, Andrew; Shepherd, Robert; Richardson, Rachael
May-2019Head and Gaze Behavior in Retinitis PigmentosaTitchener, Samuel; Ayton, Lauren; Abbott, Carla; Fallon, James; Shivdasani, Mohit; Caruso, Emily; Sivarajah, Pyrawy; Petoe, Matthew
May-2019Anti-inflammatory Effects of Abdominal Vagus Nerve Stimulation on Experimental Intestinal InflammationPayne, Sophie; Furness, John; Burns, Owen; Sedo, Alicia; Hyakumura, Tomoko; Shepherd, Robert; Fallon, James
May-2019Organotypic Culture of Neonatal Murine Inner Ear ExplantsOgier, Jacqueline; Burt, Rachel; Drury, Hannah; Lim, Rebecca; Nayagam, Bryony
Apr-2019Peripheral Nerve Activation Evokes Machine-Learnable Signals in the Dorsal Column NucleiLoutit, Alastair; Shivdasani, Mohit; Maddess, Ted; Redmond, Stephen; Morley, John; Stuart, Greg; Birznieks, Ingvars; Vickery, Richard; Potas, Jason
Apr-2019Speech Perception Outcomes for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients Using a Lateral Wall or Perimodiolar ArrayMoran, Michelle; Vandali, Andrew; Briggs, Robert; Dettman, Shani; Cowan, Robert; Dowell, Richard
Apr-2019An Instrumented Pull Test to Characterize Postural ResponsesTan, Joy; Thevathasan, Wesley; McGinley, Jennifer; Brown, Peter; Perera, Thushara
Mar-2019Fully objective hearing threshold estimation in cochlear implant users using phase-locking value growth functionsMao, Darren; Innes-Brown, Hamish; Petoe, Matthew; Wong, Yan; McKay, Colette
Mar-2019Assessing hearing by measuring heartbeat: The effect of sound levelShoushtarian, Mehrnaz; Weder, Stefan; Innes-Brown, Hamish; McKay, Colette
Feb-2019A Palm-Worn Device to Quantify Rigidity in Parkinson’s DiseasePerera, Thushara; Lee, Wee-Lih; Jones, Mary; Tan, Joy; Proud, Elizabeth; Begg, Angus; Sinclair, Nicholas; Peppard, Richard; McDermott, Hugh
Feb-2019Pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of neurotrophin 3 after intracochlear deliveryRichardson, Rachael; Hu, Qi-Ying; Shi, Fuxin; Nguyen, Trung; Fallon, James; Flynn, Brianna; Wise, Andrew
Feb-2019Vagus nerve stimulation to treat inflammatory bowel disease: a chronic, preclinical safety study in sheepPayne, Sophie; Burns, Owen; Stebbing, Martin; Thomas, Ross; de Silva, Angel; Sedo, Alicia; Weissenborn, Frank; Hyakumura, Tomoko; Huynh, Mario; May, Clive; Williams, Richard; Furness, John; Fallon, James; Shepherd, Robert
Jan-2019Multisensory perception and attention in school-age childrenAyla, Barutchu; Toohey, Sarah; Shivdasani, Mohit; Fifer, Joanne; Crewther, Sheila; Grayden, David; Paolini, Antonio
Jan-2019The Interplay Between Multisensory Associative Learning and IQ in ChildrenAyla, Barutchu; Fifer, Joanne; Shivdasani, Mohit; Crewther, Sheila; Paolini, Antonio
Jan-2019Chronic intracochlear electrical stimulation at high charge densities results in platinum dissolution but not neural loss or functional changes in vivoShepherd, Robert; Carter, Paul; Enke, Ya Lang; Wise, Andrew; Fallon, James
Jan-2019Objective evaluation of bradykinesia in Parkinson’s disease using an inexpensive marker-less motion tracking systemLih, Wee-Lih; Sinclair, Nicholas; Jones, Mary; Tan, Joy; Proud, Elizabeth; Peppard, Richard; McDermott, Hugh; Perera, Thushara
Dec-2018Cortical auditory evoked potential time-frequency growth functions for fully objective hearing threshold estimationMao, Darren; Innes-Brown, Hamish; Petoe, Matthew; Wong, Yan; McKay, Colette
Dec-2018Auditory Brainstem Representation of the Voice Pitch Contours in the Resolved and Unresolved Components of Mandarin TonesPeng, Fei; McKay, Colette; Mao, Darren; Hou, Wensheng; Innes-Brown, Hamish
Nov-2018Influence of continuous electrical stimulation on development of human cardiomyocytes from induced pluripotent stem cellsHernandez, Damian; Millard, Rodney; Sivakumaran, Priyadharshini; Kong, Anne; Mitchell, Geraldine; Pebay, Alice; Shepherd, Robert; Dusting, Gregory; Lim, Shiang
Oct-2018Encoding speech in cochlear implants using simultaneous amplitude and rate modulationBrochier, Tim; McKay, Colette; McDermott, Hugh
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