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Jun-2017The effect of presentation level and stimulation rate on speech perception and modulation detection for cochlear implant usersBrochier, Tim; McDermott, Hugh; McKay, Colette
Jun-2017Evaluation of focused multipolar stimulation for cochlear implants: a preclinical safety studyShepherd, Robert; Wise, Andrew; Enke, Ya Lang; Carter, Paul; Fallon, James
Jun-2017Ring and peg electrodes for minimally-Invasive and long-term sub-scalp EEG recordingsBenovitski, Yuri; Lai, Alan; McGowan, Ceara; Burns, Owen; Maxim, Vanessa; Nayagam, David; Millard, Rodney; Rathbone, Graeme; le Chevoir, M.A; Williams, R.A; Grayden, David; May, C.N; Murphy, M; D'Souza, Wendyl; Cook, Mark; Williams, Chris
May-2017Heterogeneity of Purkinje cell simple spike - complex spike interactions: zebrin- and nonzebrin- related variationsTang, Tianyu; Xiao, Jianqiang; Suh, Colleen; Burroughs, Amelia; Cerminara, Nadia; Jia, Linjia; Marshall, Sarah; Wise, Andrew; Apps, Richard; Sugihara, Izumi; Lang, Eric
May-2017Effects of Stimulus Duration on Event-Related Potentials Recorded From Cochlear-Implant UsersPresacco, Alessandro; Innes-Brown, Hamish; Goupell, Matthew; Anderson, Samira
Apr-2017Time-dependent activity of primary auditory neurons in the presence of neurotrophins and antibioticsCai, Helen; Gillespie, Lisa; Wright, Tess; Brown, William; Minter, Ricki; Nayagam, Bryony; O'Leary, Stephen; Needham, Karina
Feb-2017Challenges for the application of optical stimulation in the cochlea for the study and treatment of hearing lossRichardson, Rachael; Thompson, Alexander; Wise, Andrew; Needham, Karina
Feb-2017The relation between ECAP measurements and the effect of rate on behavioral thresholds in cochlear implant usersMcKay, Colette; Smale, Nicholas
Jan-2017Gentamicin Applied to the Oval Window Suppresses Vestibular Function in Guinea PigsKing, Elisha; Shepherd, Robert; Fallon, James; Brown, Daniel
Dec-2016Perilymph pharmacokinetics of locally-applied gentamicin in the guinea pigSalt, Alec; Hartsock, Jared; Gill, R. Montgomery; King, Elisha; Kraus, F. Bernhard; Plontke, Stefan
Nov-2016Are long stimulus pulse durations the answer to improving spatial resolution in retinal prostheses?Petoe, Matthew; Shivdasani, Mohit
Nov-2016An integrated model of pitch perception incorporating place and temporal pitch codes with application to cochlear implant researchSaeedi, Nafise; Blamey, Peter; Burkitt, Anthony; Grayden, David
Nov-2016Evaluating machine learning algorithms estimating tremor severity ratings on the Bain–Findley scaleYohanandan, Shivanthan; Jones, Mary; Peppard, Richard; Tan, Joy; McDermott, Hugh; Perera, Thushara
Nov-2016Prediction of cortical responses to simultaneous electrical stimulation of the retinaHalupka, Kerry; Shivdasani, Mohit; Cloherty, Shaun; Grayden, David; Wong, Yan; Burkitt, Anthony; Meffin, Hamish
Oct-2016Pedunculopontine Nucleus Region Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson Disease: Surgical Anatomy and TerminologyHamani, Clement; Aziz, Tipu; Bloem, Bastiaan; Brown, Peter; Chabardes, Stephan; Coyne, Terry; Foote, Kelly; Garcia-Rill, Edgar; Hirsch, Etienne; Lozano, Andres; Mazzone, Paolo; Okun, Michael; Hutchison, William; Silburn, Peter; Zrinzo, Ludvic; Alam, Mesbah; Goetz, Laurent; Pereira, Erlick; Rughani, Anand; Thevathasan, Wesley; Moro, Elena; Krauss, Joachim
Oct-2016Improved Auditory Nerve Survival with Nanoengineered Supraparticles for Neurotrophin Delivery into the Deafened CochleaWise, Andrew; Tan, Justin; Wang, Yajun; Caruso, Frank; Shepherd, Robert
Oct-2016Stimulation of a Suprachoroidal Retinal Prosthesis Drives Cortical Responses in a Feline Model of Retinal DegenerationAplin, Felix; Fletcher, Erica; Luu, Chi; Vessey, Kirstan; Allen, Penelope; Guymer, Robyn; Shepherd, Robert; Shivdasani, Mohit
Sep-2016The Appearance of Phosphenes Elicited Using a Suprachoroidal Retinal ProsthesisSinclair, Nicholas; Shivdasani, Mohit; Perera, Thushara; Gillespie, Lisa; McDermott, Hugh; Ayton, Lauren; Blamey, Peter
11-Aug-2016Clinical validation of a precision electromagnetic tremor measurement system in participants receiving deep brain stimulation for essential tremorPerera, Thushara; Yohanandan, Shivanthan; Thevathasan, Wesley; Jones, Mary; Peppard, Richard; Evans, Andrew; Tan, Joy; McKay, Colette; McDermott, Hugh
Aug-2016Influence of contralateral acoustic hearing on adult bimodal outcomes after cochlear implantationPlant, Kerrie; van Hoesel, Richard; McDermott, Hugh; Cowan, Robert
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