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Oct-2011Combining cell-based therapies and neural prostheses to promote neural survivalWise, Andrew; Fallon, James; Neil, Alison, et al
26-Oct-2011An Improved Model for the Rate–Level Functions of Auditory-Nerve FibersHeil, Peter; Neubauer, Heinrich; Irvine, Dexter
Dec-2011Spiral ganglion neuron survival and function in the deafened cochlea following chronic neurotrophic treatmentLandry, Thomas; Wise, Andrew; Fallon, James, et al
15-Dec-2011The effect of visual cues on difficulty ratings for segregation of musical streams in listeners with impaired hearingInnes-Brown, Hamish; Marozeau, Jeremy; Blamey, Peter
2012Visual Cortex Responses to Single-and Simultaneous Multiple-Electrode Stimulation of the Retina: Implications for Retinal ProsthesesShivdasani, Mohit; Fallon, James; Luu, Chi, et al
2012Visual cortex responses to suprachoroidal electrical stimulation of the retina: effects of electrode return configurationCicione, Rosemary; Shivdasani, Mohit; Fallon, James, et al
2012An in vivo investigation of inferior colliculus single neuron responses to cochlear nucleus pulse train stimulation.Mauger, Stefan; Shivdasani, Mohit; Rathbone, Graeme, et al
2012Human stem cells ameliorate auditory evoked responses in a model of neuropathyNayagam, Bryony
2012Cell-based neurotrophin treatment for auditory neuron survival in deafnessGillespie, Lisa; Zanin, Mark; Shepherd, Robert
Feb-2012A fully-implantable rodent neural stimulatorPerry, David; Grayden, David; Shepherd, Robert, et al
Feb-2012The development of encapsulated cell technologies as therapies for neurological and sensory diseasesZanin, Mark; Pettingill, Lisa; Harvey, Alan, et al
19-Jun-2012The sound sensation of apical electric stimulation in cochlear implant recipients with contralateral residual hearingLazard, Diane; Marozeau, Jeremy; McDermott, Hugh
Jul-2012Nanoporous peptide particles for encapsulating and releasing neurotrophic factors in an animal model of neurodegeneration.Tan, Justin; Wang, Yajun; Yip, Xiaopei, et al
Aug-2012Electrical stimulation of retinal ganglion cells with diamond and the development of an all diamond retinal prosthesisHadjinicolaou, Alex; Leung, Ronald; Garrett, David, et al
9-Aug-2012Anti-apoptotic gene Bcl2 is required for stapes development and hearingCarpinelli, Marina; Wise, Andrew; Arhatari, Benedicta, et al
Oct-2012Speech perception and localisation with SCORE bimodal: A loudness normalisation strategy for combined cochlear implant and hearing aid stimulationFrancart, Tom; McDermott, Hugh
22-Oct-2012An investigation of dendritic delay in octopus cells of the mammalian cochlear nucleusSpencer, Martin; Grayden, David; Bruce, Ian, et al
Nov-2012Music for the cochlear implant: Audience response to six commissioned compositions.Au, Agnes; Marozeau, Jeremy; Innes-Brown, Hamish, et al
Nov-2012Pre-, per- and postoperative factors affecting performance of postlinguistically deaf adults using cochlear implants: A new conceptual model over timeLazard, Diane; Vincent, Christophe; Venail, Frédéric, et al
27-Nov-2012Hydrogel limits stem cell dispersal in the deaf cochlea: implications for cochlear implantsNayagam, Bryony; Backhouse, Steven; Cimenkaya, Cengiz, et al
Showing results 21 to 40 of 290
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