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15-May-2015Broadband Onset Inhibition Can Suppress Spectral Splatter in the Auditory BrainstemSpencer, Martin; Nayagam, David; Clarey, Janine, et al
Apr-2016Changes in ganglion cells during retinal degenerationSaha, Susmita; Greferath, Ursula; Vessey, Kirstan, et al
27-Jan-2014Coexistence of reward and unsupervised learning during the operant conditioning of neural firing ratesKerr, Robert; Grayden, David; Thomas, Doreen, et al
7-Feb-2013Delay selection by spike-timing-dependent plasticity in recurrent networks of spiking neurons receiving oscillatory inputsKerr, Robert; Burkitt, Anthony; Thomas, Doreen, et al
Aug-2014Goal-directed control with cortical units that are gated by both top-down feedback and oscillatory coherenceKerr, Robert; Grayden, David; Thomas, Doreen, et al
Oct-2014Improved visual performance in letter perception through edge orientation encoding in a retinal prosthesis simulationKiral-Kornek, Isabell; O'Sullivan-Green, Elma; Savage, Craig, et al
Jul-2020In Vivo Feasibility of Epiretinal Stimulation Using Ultrananocrystalline Diamond 1 ElectrodesShivdasani, Mohit; Evans, Mihailo; Burns, Owen, et al
Nov-2016An integrated model of pitch perception incorporating place and temporal pitch codes with application to cochlear implant researchSaeedi, Nafise Erfanian; Blamey, Peter; Burkitt, Anthony, et al
3-May-2014Interplay of Intrinsic and Synaptic Conductances in the Generation of High-Frequency Oscillations in Interneuronal Networks with Irregular SpikingBaroni, Fabiano; Burkitt, Anthony; Grayden, David
22-Oct-2012An investigation of dendritic delay in octopus cells of the mammalian cochlear nucleusSpencer, Martin; Grayden, David; Bruce, Ian, et al
Apr-2016Learning Pitch with STDP: A Computational Model of Place and Temporal Pitch Perception Using Spiking Neural NetworksSaeedi, Nafise; Blamey, Peter; Burkitt, Anthony, et al
8-Feb-2016Minimally invasive endovascular stent-electrode array for high-fidelity, chronic recordings of cortical neural activityOxley, Thomas; Opie, Nicholas; John, Sam, et al
Nov-2014Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: part 3. Derivation and interpretation of neural tissue equationsMeffin, Hamish; Tahayori, Bahman; Sergeev, Evgeni, et al
Nov-2014Modelling extracellular electrical stimulation: part 4. Effect of the cellular composition of neural tissue on its spatio-temporal filtering propertiesTahayori, Bahman; Meffin, Hamish; Sergeev, Evgeni, et al
Jul-2017Neural Responses to Multielectrode Stimulation of Healthy and Degenerate RetinaHalupka, Kerry; Abbott, Carla; Wong, Yan, et al
Nov-2016Prediction of cortical responses to simultaneous electrical stimulation of the retinaHalupka, Kerry; Shivdasani, Mohit; Cloherty, Shaun, et al
Mar-2016Spectral distribution of local field potential responses to electrical stimulation of the retinaWong, Yan; Halupka, Kerry; Kameneva, Tatiana, et al
Jun-2015Spike history neural response modelKameneva, Tatiana; Abramain, Miganoosh; Zarelli, Daniele, et al
Showing results 1 to 18 of 18


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